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Our school library has many wonderful books all students may browse through and borrow.  Classes are scheduled for weekly library sessions.

The library is open at lunchtime for a place to go to and use a computer, play a board game, read a book or to spend time drawing with friends.

Please ensure that students bring back borrowed books and have their library bags on these days so they can borrow from the library.


Library days for 2020 are as follows: 

Monday – K Wattle,  1 Acacia,  2/3 Eucalyptus,  3 Bottlebrush 

Tuesday -  4 Macadamia,  6 Grevillea,  6 Frangipani 

Wednesday – K Flame,  1 Lillypilly,  2 Paperbark,   2-6 Ironbark,  3 Redgum 

Thursday – K Jacaranda,  1 Banksia,  2 Bluegum,  4 Waratah,  5 Hibiscus